Xtreme Foundations

Patented Xtreme X-Form™ portable concrete foundations provide an ideal base for Xtreme Cubes and other types of structures. They can also be utilized to form a parking lot or patio surface, able to withstand driving loads.

Designed with a ‘X’ rebar formation to ensure a perfectly square tile every time, there are no tools required for assembly, ensuring a quick and easy install on the jobsite. With an integrated center lifting eye, portability of the slab system is simple, allowing them to be re-used multiple times. The innovative system leaves no trace on the jobsite after removal, meaning they are a green and environmentally friendly option for temporary and permanent concrete foundations.

  • No tools required for assembly
  • Center lifting eye for portability
  • “X” rebar formation ensures perfectly square tiles
  • Leaves no trace, green & eco friendly
Patent Number: 9,145,679

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