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Xtreme Cube restroom facilities are fully customizable, portable and are delivered as turnkey facilities, with all plumbing and fixtures installed. Restrooms can be temporary or permanent, and can function as standalone units or can be included within a larger Xtreme Cube facility.

The ‘plug and play’ design means that they can easily be connected to existing utilities, or where required, they can be built to be fully-self-contained, with restroom services contracted to a local provider.

Xtreme Cube restrooms provide the ultimate convenience:

  • Scalable design that can accommodate any size of operation
  • Robust structure designed to withstand multiple relocations and reconfigurations
  • Designed to meet jurisdictional requirements
  • Can be easily connected to other Xtreme Cube structures
  • Separate male and female facilities
  • ADA compliant restrooms available
  • Fully customizable fixtures and fittings
  • Urinals, mirrors, partitioned stalls
  • Storage/facility rooms
  • Showers

Video: Restroom & Cooling Station

This innovative restroom configuration includes an external cooling station, providing shade, chilled water fountains, ice machines and temporary break seating for workers on outdoor jobsites. Designed as standalone unit, this restroom and cooling station could be placed in multiple locations across a large and open jobsite, providing necessary respite for workers from weather conditions, without depleting productivity. The self-contained design includes solar panels to charge the batteries that are stored in the roof panel, which powers the unit. Clean water tanks are placed above the restroom, with the waste water tanks underneath the structure for easy access from a service provider or for connection to utilities.

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